Copy Protection for Shared and Remote Desktop Conferences

Copy Protection for Shared Desktops and Conferences

ArtistScope RDC is a unique desktop connection solution that provides secure connections with copy protection as an option to prevent guests from recording their session. ArtistScope RDC features include:
  • Provides a guest "look but not touch" view of the host desktop.
  • Option to prevent guests from screen recording their session.
  • Option for session host to video record the session window.
  • Includes chat interface for keyboard messaging.
  • Supports live audio for voice over and conferencing.
  • Connects independent of third party servers (host server included).
  • Supported on all Windows OS from XP to Windows 8.
Ideal for pre-launch presentations and classroom sessions, ArtistScope RDC can ensure that your intellectual property and disclosure remains private and for the eyes of invited guests only.

ArtistScope Remote Desktop Connection Client

ArtistScope RDC uses a proprietary desktop application to ensure maximized security between the user and host computer.

ArtistScope Remote Desktop Connection Server

ArtistScope RDC host software is used on the computer acting as host for the conference.

ArtistScope Remote Desktop Connection & Copy Protection

The host computer manages all invitations and connections with the ability to control each user's connection separately, up to and including their ability to copy or screen record the session.

ArtistScope Remote Desktop Connection Licensing

The ArtistScope RDC Client software is a free download to the public. However the host software for creating and managing a conference does require a one-time license fee. It is a royalty free license for use on a single computer to create copy protected conferences using a shared desktop. Multiple licenses for additional computers within an organization can be purchased at discount prices.

For more information, pricing and trial software, please visit the parent site for Desktop Protection.
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