Copy Protection and DRM Software

Copy Protection and DRM Software

ArtistScope was the pioneer of copy protection and they have been the innovator of every worthwhile solution since. It is now a long time since 1998, yet ArtistScope still provide the most secure and most robust copy protection and rights management solutions on the planet. Today they offer a variety of solutions for the protection of all media from copy, capture, recording and unauthorized sharing, enabling authors, artists, industry and commerce to protect their intellectual property and livelihood.

Each of the solutions below cater for different media and usage scenarios. They all provide the most secure protection for their designated media and are beyond comparison to anything else available today:

Copy Protected Web Hosting

Guest Video provides the only effective web hosting solution for delivering DRM and copy protected media that cannot be copied or exploited in any way. Hosting plans can provide a unique website, a collection of protected pages or protected pages that can be embedded into any other web page.

The Guest Video web hosting service is most unique because never before has a copy protected web hosting service been offered. What makes it possible is the server module that provides end to end encryption between server and browser, and a secure web broswer especially designed to decrypt those web pages while maintaining that they cannot be copied or exploited in any way.

Guest Video copy protected web hosting is ideal for online tutors and others providing limited access to intellectual property. Everything needed for online sales and user management is provided by the Guest Video dashboard, including online catalogue for sales, online cover designer for your promotional ads, DRM token management and user tracking.

Digital Rights Management (DRM) for Documents and eBooks

Any document can be converted to PDF and managed by ArtistScope DRM with total control over all user and document aspects including the right to print, how many prints, who can open the document and when. Our DRM ensures that only those persons with your permission can open your document or eBook and you can change those permissions at any time with immediate effect, even for documents already saved to the user's computer. Available as a free service with CopySafe PDF or as a hosted service, ArtistScope DRM is ideal for eBooks, tutorials and sensitive corporate documents, and the first choice where confidentiality is critical. This software can also be purchased for corporate and intranet use. For more information, trial software and demo DRM account, click DRM for Documents.

Copy and Print Protection to Secure PDF Documents and eBooks

Protect your PDF from being copied and distributed via email without your permission. The CopySafe PDF software provides the most secure protection from all copy including Print Screen and screen capture. With DRM options applied authors and information marketers can now safeguard their livelihood from pirates and put a stop to sharing that cannot be exploited. Since 2008, CopySafe PDF has been the first choice of merchants, educational facilities, embassies, justice departments and the military in every country. Command-line and batch import processing is supported. All CopySafe PDF licenses include a free author account in our DRM Portal for the management of their documents and subscribers. For more information, trial software and demo DRM account, click PDF Protection.

Copy Protection and DRM for Video

No other solution provides such secure protection from all copy and recording while at the same time managing the user's rights to use video. Based upon ArtistScope's latest developments for copy protection and DRM, this solution is especially designed for video. Video can be played online from any web page or it can be downloaded and played locally using a media player, while all the time securely protected from all coping and recording, and with DRM options applied, only the approved subscriber can view the video. This means that video sharing is not possible, making it perfect for entertainment vendors and tutors to protect their livelihood. All video software licenses include a free author account in our DRM Portal for the management of their videos and subscribers, or the DRM software can be purchased for your own server. For more information, trial software and online demos, click Video Protection.

Copy Protection for Images, Web Pages and Web Media

CopySafe Web utilizes a plugin supported across all popular web browsers since XP. Originally designed for protecting images, it can be used to protect all media displayed on a web page from all copy including Print Screen and screen capture. Even the images stored on the server are secure, safe from everyone including your webmaster and web host staff. Command-line and batch import processing is supported. This encryption software can be installed on Windows servers to process uploads to your web site. A free add-on to enable scripting controls from web pages is included for free. For more information and online demonstrations, click Image Protection.

SafeGuard Media

Safeguard Media is a joint venture by VinnPro Web Solutions and ArtistScope to provide economical web protection solutions that everyone can afford. SafeGuard WordPress can be used by any website running WordPress as their core to copy protect any and all media that can be displayed on a web page. SafeGuard DRM will add access rights to WordPress pages and posts preventing them from being shared. SafeGuard Webmail, designed to be a secure messaging service for teams, is ideal for tutors providing online courses, even without a website.

Website Protection and Secure Web Browser

Usually website protection is limited by the opportunities provided by popular web browsers. Consequently, site protection can be at the mercy of browsers designed to surrender media for collection by everyone. So to properly secure a website and protect its content from saving and copy, one needs a web browser specially designed to protect web pages and that is just what ASPS does. ASPS, short for ArtistScope Site Protection System, delivers encrypted content from the website to the user's web browser that can only be decrypted and displayed using the ASPS Web Reader. Consequently, an media that can be displayed on your web page, is totally secure from all methods of copy and capture. The main advantage with ASPS above all other protect solutions, including the ones mentioned above, are that it is for viewing online content only and that no media requires any special treatment such as encryption or obfuscation. With ASPS you can create web pages just as you would normally. For more information, trial download and demo sites, click Site Protection.

Add-ons for Using Copy Protection in WordPress

All ArtistScope solutions have add-ons or widgets for use in WordPress and other CMS solutions to simplify their inclusion on web pages and posts.

ArtistScope Support

No support contracts are required with any solution. ArtistScope support is free and ongoing to all licensees. All solutions are supported across all Windows operating systems since XP which is 92% of net users. It is not viable to provide copy protection for use on the remaining 8% which is comprised of many different OS that are either unstable or used on devices intended for amusement.

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